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NFL Jerseys Authentic Sale.One of the ways to beat Pete Carroll’s Seattle Seahawks is to make sure you play them on your home turf. That’s been the overriding theme of his largely successful tenure in the Pacific Northwest. And it’s been magnified more in 2016 than ever before.The regular season saw Seattle post a 3-4-1 record away from CenturyLink. That very same span of eight games allowed us to witness a quarterback in Russell Wilson that looked more vulnerable than at any other point in his career. The Super Bowl-winning signal caller put up eight touchdowns compared to eight interceptions and posted a mediocre 82.1 rating on the road.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.All said, Seattle averaged just 15.9 points and put up six points or less three times on the road during the regular season.This is where the Atlanta Falcons have to make sure home-field advantage actually matters in the divisional round. Interestingly enough, the Falcons boasted a worst record (5-3) at home than they did on the road (6-2). That’s the complete antithesis of what we’ve become accustomed to from Matt Ryan-led Falcons teams in the past .Another point that must be made here. Wilson and the Seahawks have not fared relatively good on the road in weather-controlled (dome) environments. Wilson boasts a career 3-7 record in enclosed environments with four more interceptions than touchdowns during his career.Home-field advantage is meant to give the team that puts up the best regular season the advantage over their opposition. The Falcons surely have that here. It’s now up to them to take advantage.NFL Jerseys Cheap Sale.

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NFL Jerseys China.For the first time since he was the San Francisco 49ers’ starting quarterback back in 2011, Smith heads into the playoffs with a first-round bye and home-field advantage. It’s an ideal scenario for the long underrated quarterback. It also comes against the Pittsburgh Steelers and future Hall of Fame signal caller Ben Roethlisberger.None of this is new to Smith. Despite his excellence as a member of the Chiefs, Smith has always drawn the short end of the stick. He doesn’t put up Madden-like numbers. He’s not a fantasy relevant quarterback . He won’t throw for 400-plus yards.That much is already known.China Jerseys.Also known is the fact that Smith wins. And wins a lot.We know what people think about quarterback wins. The most misleading of all stats in the NFL. That’s fine and dandy. But at the end of the day, isn’t that what matters the most? If your team is winning with you under center, you are surely doing something right.Smith now has an opportunity to prove these naysayers wrong. If he were to outperform Big Ben with a trip to the AFC Championship game on the line, it would send a message to the football world. A message that tells us he’s arrived among the game’s best.That his passing numbers or touchdown totals don’t matter. That he’s a pure representation of what it means to win at all cost. That’s a defining moment — one that could tell us the overriding story in the book that has been an up-and-down career for the former No. 1 overall pick.Wholesale Jerseys.


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Cheap Jerseys China.But one guy we haven’t talked about yet is Taylor Gabriel, a 5-foot-8 wide receiver who was cut by the Browns in September and has thrived since joining the Falcons, catching 35 passes for 579 yards. Gabriel, who played under Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan in Cleveland, posted similar numbers in his first season as an undrafted free agent out of Abilene Christian, with one big exception: He had just one touchdown in two seasons in Cleveland, while he’s found the end zone seven times this season — more than Julio Jones.From sweep plays to jump balls to deep strikes, Gabriel has done it all.”Wholesale Jerseys.Everybody could tell from Day One he was a guy who was going to be able to help us in some way,” QB Matt Ryan told reporters.So while the Seahawks’ Paul Richardson became a breakout star last week with his acrobatic grabs against the Lions, this week it could be Gabriel, especially since Richard Sherman likely will be shadowing Jones.The Browns, meanwhile, reportedly regret having cut Gabriel to open up playing time for young receivers Corey Coleman, Jordan Payton, Ricardo Louis and Rashard Higgins, all of whom were drafted last year. Gabriel scored more TDs than all four of them combined. But he isn’t salty.Football Jerseys Cheap.

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