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Jets head coach Todd Bowles knows that Buffalo is dangerous on play-action crossing routes, so he’ll likely have the defense play straight zone coverages Thursday night, just like he did last year against Taylor.Cheap NHL Jerseys.In return, that will force Taylor to decipher through more bodies when reading the field, plus it ensures that more defenders have eyes on him. Taylor can burn defenses with his legs.Single-high zone (aka Cover 3) can be especially vulnerable against play-action crossing routes. But playing two-high, which the Jets did often last week against Atlanta (Cover 4, not Cover 2), can be dicey against a running game as strong as Buffalo’s. New York’s imposing front seven has been better in run defense the last three weeks, but it hasn’t faced a team whose quarterback is part of the rushing attack.Authentic NBA Jerseys.

First-year Vancouver Canucks coach Travis Green raised a few eyebrows when he said matchups can factor into his choice of goaltender, just as they do for which skaters he chooses for the lineup.Cheap Jerseys.It is common practice for coaches to swap out defensemen and forwards in seeking a more skilled or heavier lineup to counter the strengths or exploit the weaknesses of the opposition.Few have admitted to matching goalies against opponents based on style considerations.”I’m not going to go into why, or how, we make those decisions, but there is some value to that,” Green said of the thought process used in choosing whether Jacob Markstrom or Anders Nilsson gets the start.The Canucks are not choosing their starting goalie based exclusively on the offensive tendencies of their opponent.DeCastro David Jerseys.Despite each being 6-foot-6 and trying to establish himself as a No.1 goalie at 27 years old, Nilsson and Markstrom have significant style differences that are being considered as contributing factors in the decision-making process.

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Williams Tim Jerseys.The initial 2018 Power Rankings look a lot like the final 2017 standings for an obvious reason: These are good teams! Just compare the depth of the rosters of the playoff teams to that of the non-playoff teams. There’s a reason the Dodgers, Indians and Astros won 100 games. Those teams are loaded, and their rosters remain almost entirely intact for next season.Of course, the best eight teams of 2017 probably won’t be the best eight teams of 2018. Maybe one of them will turn into the Giants.Green Bay Packers jerseys.They were seventh in these rankings last year and, um, weren’t the seventh-best team in 2017.

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