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That’s because the preseason offers little insight into what a team may or may not look like, so beware if you use any of that information to gauge this week’s game.Wholesale Jerseys.Veterans sometimes lollygag through the preseason, so it’s hard to evaluate how they will play when the season starts for real. It’s hard to gauge how new additions will mesh with their new teams and how first-year coaches will handle their first games.There are a lot of interesting games on the slate this week, starting with the New England Patriots, the defending Super Bowl champs, opening at home Thursday night against the Kansas City Chiefs.The Pats are loaded, and there’s no reason to think they won’t be representing the AFC in the Super Bowl again. The Chiefs have been to the playoffs the past two seasons, but they can’t get over the hump.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Opening with a victory at Foxboro would be a nice way to show things can be different for them this year.

Football’s here! Football! You’ve waited so, so long for this. It’s been an eternity since Tom Brady wiped the scraps of Atlanta Falcons off his cleats back in February.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.You’ve sat by patiently, watching the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Dodgers scrabble around through the sweltering summer, but now it’s OUR TURN, BABY! FOOTBALL!You and everyone you know are stoked for Thursday night. You and everyone you know are setting your fantasy lineups, plotting your grilling schedule, deciding whether to invite over your brother-in-law who always brings cheap beer but drinks your good stuff. You’ve got access to the NFL on widescreen TVs and your phone and in stadiums more awe-inspiring than the Grand Canyon.Authentic NFL Jerseys.These are the best of all possible days for NFL fans, and it’s easy and seductive to believe this will always be the case.

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The Cleveland Browns have assembled their roster while accumulating draft picks at a furious pace over the past couple of seasons.Jerseys For Sale.The New York Jets joined the Browns this offseason by cutting Eric Decker, David Harris and Brandon Marshall, but the biggest tip-off of their tanking was the trade of defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson to the Seahawks. The Jets know they aren’t going to overtake New England in the AFC East. The Buffalo Bills are better off but in a similar situation, making it easier for them to trade away Sammy Watkins.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.

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